Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Balancing Sleep

Okay, this is a HUGE issue with me lately.  All I want to do is sleep.  Some might thing it is because I am depressed or escaping something.  Maybe I am escaping the load that I feel on my plate?  Maybe there is so much to do that I have no idea where to start so I sleep to make it go away?  Maybe I am old and getting tired?  Maybe it is my diet or lack of one?  Maybe I do not get enough vitamins or drink enough water?  Maybe I have just way too much on my mind?  Regardless...I am sleeping my life away.  I am tired of it!  I am done!  This is an area that needs to be balanced RIGHT NOW!


So where do I start?  I think I need to begin by making a plan.  Stop negotiating wake-up times and just follow my plan.  I also, when I wake early or on-time...wonder what I should be doing.  Since I don't have a plan...I go back to sleep.  Lose-Lose!

So here is what I have so far...

1.  Set a wake-up time.
2.  Make a plan of what to do to get my day started.  Give my awaken-ness purpose!
3.  Follow this plan.

Can it be that easy?  It can't be, right?  I mean...if it is this easy, why am I always sleeping? Maybe because I have had NO PLAN?

So let's start today.  By today...I mean tomorrow morning.

Now for an odd question.  How much time do I allow myself to sleep.  On a given school/work night, I am lucky to get more than 7 hours.  According to what I read...6 hours is enough as long as I am active and taking better care of myself.  Well...these are other goals listed on this journey.  So...I will go with 6-7 hours per night.

Routines have always been my friend.  Well, when they work well.  This routine of sleeping my life away has NOT been my friend in an any way, shape, or form.  Once it becomes my routine, I think I can easily slip into working on the next part of this.  What is that?  Exercise!  I need to energy from the correct amount of sleep to do that.  Interesting how too much sleep gives a person less energy.

See you in the morning. (Not afternoon)



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