Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obstacles don't have to slow you down!

Okay, so I woke early to get my day started.  I fell back asleep for only about 30 minutes.  When I woke up to begin my begin with work out and then catch a few Spanish Soccer Games while I worked...I woke in pain.

Seriously?  Pain?  I am finally feeling ready and focused on pumping the energy up with my first workout and I am in pain.  I have GOUT.  The top of my foot.  Forget the treadmill, I can't even stand.

Did I let this stop me from working out?


Did I let this stop me from pushing on with my day?


I took medicine and waited for relief.  As soon as I felt that I could walk, I made it to the steps.  Knowing that there was no way I could walk down the steps...I got on my butt and scootched all of the way down.  This included the two landings as well.

When I got to the bottom, I collected my energy, my positivity, my focus...and I got up.  I hobbled to the kitchen and made myself some tea.  I had three cups before I was able to stand long enough to make myself some breakfast.  I felt a little better each hour.

Now, almost 12 hours later, I am still in a bit of pain and cannot walk as well as I want to.  Steps are still painful.  I was NOT able to exercise today.  BUT...  I got work done.  I was alive.  I had energy!

From the many things I do in life, such as being a teacher, and so forth, I have learned to be flexible.  I can make changes and still achieve my goals.  So my real goal was to increase my energy...and that is exactly what I did today.

Did I work out?


Did I move towards energy?


I have taken one more step! (albeit in pain today)



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