Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obstacles don't have to slow you down!

Okay, so I woke early to get my day started.  I fell back asleep for only about 30 minutes.  When I woke up to begin my begin with work out and then catch a few Spanish Soccer Games while I worked...I woke in pain.

Seriously?  Pain?  I am finally feeling ready and focused on pumping the energy up with my first workout and I am in pain.  I have GOUT.  The top of my foot.  Forget the treadmill, I can't even stand.

Did I let this stop me from working out?


Did I let this stop me from pushing on with my day?


I took medicine and waited for relief.  As soon as I felt that I could walk, I made it to the steps.  Knowing that there was no way I could walk down the steps...I got on my butt and scootched all of the way down.  This included the two landings as well.

When I got to the bottom, I collected my energy, my positivity, my focus...and I got up.  I hobbled to the kitchen and made myself some tea.  I had three cups before I was able to stand long enough to make myself some breakfast.  I felt a little better each hour.

Now, almost 12 hours later, I am still in a bit of pain and cannot walk as well as I want to.  Steps are still painful.  I was NOT able to exercise today.  BUT...  I got work done.  I was alive.  I had energy!

From the many things I do in life, such as being a teacher, and so forth, I have learned to be flexible.  I can make changes and still achieve my goals.  So my real goal was to increase my energy...and that is exactly what I did today.

Did I work out?


Did I move towards energy?


I have taken one more step! (albeit in pain today)



Saturday, January 3, 2015

Energy to invest!

So, a pretty good day for having messed up sleep.  Was there energy.  Not much, until I had one of those talks with myself and got myself going.  My school work become intentional.  My productivity became real.  I can say that I am ready for school to go back into session and to hit the ground running on Monday and Tuesday.  I even emailed over 50 parents welcoming their students back to their second semester!  Not much energy exerted, but it feels like an accomplishment.

So what is next?

Physical energy.  I am not going to lie, I am concerned about my sedentary life as of late.  I plan on doing that age old new year thing- working out.  Exercise.  I need it bad.  It might take baby steps.  I can;t let myself care about how much I can do or failure for that matter.  I just need to do it!  The same way my writing needs to happen.  That is a subject for another day very soon.

My take away?

I get in my own way.  My thinking about failure is the perfect recipe for procrastination, and thus, the lack of inertia.  No start to get my rear end moving and rear end does not move.

I am ready.

It is time.

Here we go!



Friday, January 2, 2015

Positive Energy

In my quest to increase my energy, today my wife asked me if I was seeking positive energy.  She had a wonderful point.  There is always so much negative out there...the last things I want to do is become part of the negative energy in the world.

It is so easy to get caught up in the negative, the pessimism, the gossip, the hurt, the sky is falling, the end of time, the war, the politics, the government, the JUNK!  Not making excuses, this what got me into this stupor in the first place?  Maybe.  Maybe Not.  It really doesn't matter, I suppose.  What really matters is that I make a conscious effort to make sure I stay clear of this noted negativity and push forward.

What was energy in my life today?

Not enough.  My fault.  Excuses.  Tired, headache, and distracted.  These are evils that I do not want to get in my way of my goals.  I will go into tomorrow with the awakened awareness of these evils.  I will project energy and make not an effort, but a step towards energy.