Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Balancing the Diet

Along with everything else being out of balance...it is pretty easy to see why my eating habits have suffered, as have my clothing.  Eating takes time, and should be planned out.  Mindless eating, with the TV on, and the stress of the day has led me to gaining weight.  Not a ton, but enough to stand in my way of comfort and clothes.  It has become too easy to eat portions that are out of control.  Why? I am NOT paying attention and not planning for balance.

What is the fix?

1.  Slow down.
2.  Plan.
3.  Be mindful of what is going into my stomach, how much, and make sure my meals are balanced.
4.  Work the plan.  Assess what is or is not working and change accordingly.


With these daily Blog posts...I am finding how truly interconnected all of these elements needing to be balanced really are.

For now, I am not going to worry about how much weight I am losing or what my goal weight is.  I am sure I will get there once the plan is in place and it starts to feel part of the routine.  Now...I will simply work the plan and strive for balance.



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  1. I don't want to get into the science of our evolution, as I would just be speculating... But a healthier diet is easier with a well implemented workout regimen. Eating unhealthily feels undesirable to a body used more fully, and the demand for more nutritious food is expressed as a natural desire for such foods. I would recommend at least a half hour of jogging in the early morning with about 65-80% max heart rate after a light morning snack. If you can't manage that immediately, don't worry (worry is another story, related to cortisol and body fat accumulation). A jug fills drop by drop.