Sunday, January 5, 2014

Balancing Goals

I have come to realize that balancing goals can be as important as balancing events.  It is easy to shrug off goals as abstract ideas that hopefully will occur in the future.  Maybe for some, this can even be true.  For me, goals carry the same mental weight as events or activities.  I still have to plan for the goals and prepare whenever possible.  Even more, I carry the weight of the burden of the goals with me.  It is a type of self-guilt that I should be making time for the goal or even self-criticism for not working towards that goal in the moment.

Now all of this is assuming that I carry only one goal at a time.  Sorry me, this is not so.  I cannot recall a time in my life that I would have had any less than 5 or 6 goals.  And these were conscious goals that I can name and express as significant goals at that given time.

How can I balance my life if I can't even balance my goals?  The goals that lay heavy on my shoulders, haunt my dreams, and silently pull me towards and away things while I am unaware.  How can I bring balance to this part of me?

In taking a step back from myself, I can propose a plan for myself.  The plan goes something like this...

*  Make a list of all of my conscious goals.
*  Prioritize these goals.
*  Choose one to focus on.  Choose the one that either can bring the most pleasure doing, the one that   is the easiest to succeed at, or the one that is pressing most due to time constraints.
*  Know that the other goals are on that piece of paper, but deserve no concern until the ONE that is being focused on is completed and celebrated!
*  Revisit the list and start over again...


- Can I do this?
- Can I stick with it?
- Will it work?

Of course, the answers to these questions and concerns are obvious...I will only know if I try it.

So, here goes the plan.

Wish me luck.



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