Saturday, January 4, 2014

Balance is a work in progress

I have noted on social media and most so on Facebook that very little is balanced in life for many.  I see so many posts about hurt.  I see even more that are very PRO or AGAINST the president, the Pope, or government.  So many pieces of media that make claims that are powerful enough for some people to just simply give up.

In my efforts to bring balance to my life, I need to make a solid decision.  That decision is about my use of social media.  I absolutely love the fact that I get to stay connected to people, reconnect, and even make friends from around the world.  The Problem.  As stated above, there is so much to confuse my mind or get in the way of balance, that I question the value of the way that I have been using social media in my life.


So where is my balance?  Not sure yet.  Here are my possible solutions...or at least the ones that I have proposed to myself.

1.  Stop using social media.

2.  Find a way to be purpose oriented with my use of social media.  In other words, log on with a purpose such as see what my friends are up to, make a specific connection, or limit my time with my views.

3.  Do nothing and get over it.

4.  Block all "friends" except for those that I feel are healthy for my journey of balance.

My assessment.

1.  I would miss the positives if I stopped.

2.  This makes sense, but I would need a specific plan.

3.  Doing nothing defeats my efforts of balance.

4.  All people, even my friends have bad days or get on a rant.  If I did this, I mine as well do number 1 and stop using social media.

The solution.

At least we will call it the solution for now.  Balance is a work in progress.  As it is...I am going for option number 2.  Again, I will need some sort of plan of attack.  This one fits today.  I am finding that in balance, it has to be a work in progress.  It is a process.  Nothing stays balanced once it is in balance.  The world and life doesn't work that way.



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