Sunday, January 12, 2014

Balancing something to look forward to

Most of us are usually in one state or the other.  We have something to look forward to or there is nothing in sight and we feel stuck having to just live life until the next thing comes along that we can look forward to.  This feels like a waste of life.  Doesn't it?

When we get caught in the cycling web of waiting for something to look forward to there is a fundamental problem.  We are not living life while we are waiting.  We sit waiting and day dreaming about what we are looking forward to, not paying any attention to the life in front of us.  When the day or moment finally comes and what we have been waiting for is finally is passes...and MOST of the time we are not as satisfied with the outcome.  In fact, very often...the anticipation was most exciting than the event itself.

The fix.

Stop waiting for something to look forward to.  If you have something to look forward to..great, bonus!  But stop making it the only focus. in the moment.  Make the best of the moment.  Savor the moment and taste all of its flavors.  Hear the sounds of the moment.  Make the moment stop!  Look around at the moment and appreciate the moment before the next one comes.  Once the next one is it all again.

Zen?  I think so.  In the moment.  Mindfulness.  Be here.  Now.


It is certainly fun to look forward to things like vacations or new events or things.  Stop and notice these feelings....bask in them for a moment.  Then come back to now.  I need to spend more time in the present.  In the now.  Before I know it, I will be out of days.  I don't want to miss anymore.  I am done only looking forward as opposed to looking at the moment I am in.



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