Thursday, January 23, 2014

Balancing Balance

Although I have not been writing this past week (I have had a terrible chest issue), I certainly have not stopped thinking about Balance.  I have not forgotten to live balance either.

As I was thinking about balance, I realized that even balance needs to be balanced at some points.  What do I mean?  Sometimes you need to take a break from balance and go off in only one direction! Live lopsided for a while!  Everything in moderation...unless it is time to take a break.  Balance your work, unless it is time for a vacation and just play!  We all need a break from things.

This reminds me of many vacations that I have had where, even though the vacation was was exhausting!  I needed a break from my vacation!  Often, my break consists of going back to work.  I crave the scheduled life.  Without the routine, I fall apart.  Talk about unbalance...I could not be more unbalanced if I tried!

So...can I have a world of balance where balance is the only stance of my life?  Ouch!  I am not a monk...even though I have always had a dream of being a Buddhist Monk.  Balance takes work.  Even though my goal for this year is to make balance second-nature...I do not see it being so intense that I must be perfect at it.  That is too much pressure.  That is not balance.


As I think about balancing balance...the only standard that I feel I need to be relying on is the balance of time.  As long as my time is balanced...I can have a break from balance knowing that after the alarm sounds...I can return to balance refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.

My friend and co-worker Maria supplied my image for today's post.  Thanks Maria.

As I look at this animal balancing on such a small object, I am reminded that balance can be achieved through focus.  This animal obviously is not thinking about dinner or traffic, or even the economy and job market.  Although he...or focused, the ball can represent the floor of a gymnasium.  As long as there is a place to put the feet, plant them firmly and focus.  Balance.



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