Sunday, July 1, 2012

On Being Positive

In the past month of life…I have noticed much more negativity and anger than I think I have ever encountered in my life. Now this is NOT a new thing. I have been noting this trend for quite some time. I also have been noticing within myself how easy it is to get caught up in the negative sludge. My mind and conscience tells me that I want to do the opposite, as does my heart. The issue is that this negativity is so darned contagious. It is like a habit that one catches and doesn’t realize they have it until it is too late. The symptoms mask themselves so intelligently as they attach to the person’s personality and hide. They intermingle within the person’s unconscious and rear their ugly heads whenever they want to. I am not okay that I am NOT immune! I want to be. What is the medicine? What is the cure? The first step in challenging a “self” problem is admitting that the problem exists. Then, the treatment begins with a constant self-awareness. The obvious practice is to replace the BAD behaviors with POSITIVE behaviors. To make a conscious effort to do the things and be the things that you want to be. What are these positive attributes? Honesty Patience Positive outlook Selflessness Charity Only surrounding yourself with positive people until you are ready…then you can help others to go on their POSITIVE journey! Take care of your emotions, health, mind, body, and spirit. Maybe there is no real CURE…but there has to be a treatment! Let’s grow positive people and make the window that we look at life through a bit more happy. Enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Don’t get caught in someone else’s tar pit. Peace. Mark


  1. A very challenging topic...staying positive. I struggle with it from time to time especially in the workplace. I love your closing phrase...don't get caught in someone else's tar pit...kinda says it all!

    1. Thanks so much Jane! I think sometimes that the Media...the News breeds negativity in people as they get used to hearing about and talking about what is wrong with our world instead of what is right. Staying positive is certainly a challenge. Unfortunately, it is much easy to spawn negativity that it is to create a chain of positivity!