Monday, July 2, 2012

Feeling Change

Isn't the magic of change wonderful sometimes? We decided to redo a few rooms over summer break. By redo...I mean move some furniture around and re-paint a few rooms. I think it is amazing how simple changes like a new color or a new arrangement of furniture can make a person feel internally renewed. I am one of those people that needs a clear desk and clean office to work/write. I find when I move something or even remove something to create a found space, I am renewed and refreshed and ready to be more creative and hard-working! I am guessing and hoping that I am not the only one that feels this way. In life, change is hard because it means getting used to something new. We have to leave a place of comfort within. Often times with change, we are missing something or learning to live with something new. This of course, can be bad or good....depending on the change or the way that you approach it. Because my life is based on seasons...being a teacher and all, I find that I look forward to change most at the change of seasons and weather patterns. It is the time that my hoodies come out, or go to the totes in the basement. My advice to those needing change...even if it is just for the sake of change, is to make a change...on some level...make a change that you can feel. Enjoy the renewal. Ride on the change and be creative and energized. If the change freaks you out...change it back. At least you can feel the change back to the land of comfort. Peace. Mark

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