Monday, December 26, 2011

Sarah's Secret, a YA Novel.

Sarah is a Junior in High School. She lives in a rural Illinois town where life and acceptance seems to be stuck somewhere between 1950 and 1980. She does all of the right things. She is an honor student, she is athletic and is well liked, she has a bunch of friends. Unfortunately, there is a secret. Her parents and brother are always on her for being so pretty and popular and never having a boyfriend. She just doesn’t act like all of the other girls. In a small town where everyone knows each other’s business, she does not want to reveal her secret. Sarah is a lesbian. She would be hated and beaten if others would know the real Sarah, beyond her awkward group of friends. Her parents would be so disappointed. She was ready to stay “fake” until a city girl moves into town. She knows right away she has someone to love. Her life is now complete, until complications set in.
The intended audience of this book is Middle and High School girls. It is not just about being a lesbian, but about being different and trying to find a place in the world as a teen.
This book should be ready for edit in late spring.

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