Monday, December 26, 2011

My New Beginning, a YA novel.

This is a story about Donny, a 17-year-old who is about to hear an emotional decision from a judge. As he waits for his case to be heard, he reflects with in detail the steps that have brought him to this place in his life. There are many obstacles in the courthouse, just as there have been in his short life. He methodically reveals his path from innocent little kid to hardened gang member with connections in prison. Donny wants his life back and sees that he has to pay the price to get it.
This is a story based on many true stories. As a street counselor and therapist, I worked with many gang members that wanted in or out of the system. Donny take on the emotional ride that so many kids in this situation are confronted with.
This story is intended for 5th grade to 10th grade boys, but I can see older boys and even girls connecting with Donny. He wears the pain that so many poor suburban kids have in their lives.
This story will be ready for edit in the Spring.

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