Monday, December 26, 2011

Painful Dreams, a YA Novel.

Cassi and Angela are not the most popular girls at Danville North High School. But they are popular for the wrong reasons, they are overweight and not part of the in-crowd. They are bullied daily just as they have been for most of their lives. They go home and cry each day after school. All they have is each other and no hope for happiness in their lives.
Cassi’s father is a Professor at the University of Illinois in the psychology department. He has been working on a project dealing with sleep for quite some time. Cassi and Angela visit the University over Winter Break and make an interesting discovery. Cassi’s father is working on Dream Invasion, where a person can enter another’s dream and help them to work through issues of their past. Cassi has another use in mind for this new psychological technology. Her and Angela plan to experiment with Brittany and Alexis, the two girls that make their lives unbearable everyday at school. The plan works too well and Cassi and Angela are not willing to stop now that she has the power.
This book is in its early stages of development. As I enjoy psychology and dream studies, I look forward to watching this story develop into something interesting!

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