Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My wife, as creative and encouraging as she is, told me about this "One little word" thing. From what I gather, it is a word to motivate. A word to get you through the New Year. A word to inspire you. A word to fall back on when you fall. I love the simplicity of this idea. I can see the word generalizing to all aspects of my life, but in is clearly my little word. Very specific to the needs I have now. My goals. My intentions. My world.


Not a very simple word. A word that means to help to grow. To start. To clear the way for. To collect what is GOOD and leave the rest. Now, these are my definitions of course. I am sure Webster would have a different way of looking at the word. But for this year, the word "Cultivate" is my word. That means it carries my definition. I will wear it proud. I will make it part of me and my daily life. I will hide it when I need to and show it proudly when it is time. I will whisper it to myself as I fall asleep and breathe it to myself when I wake up. is 2011 and time for me to CULTIVATE.

What am I going to Cultivate you might ask? My life of course! My relationships of meaning. My writing. My teaching. My students' learning. My hobbies. My health. My diet and workout routine. My use of life in general. I am going to cultivate meaning and growth into everything I do. No...this is not a new years resolution. This is a mind-set. This is me. Welcome to me.


  1. Wonderful practice! My word is actually two words...Live Fully...I suppose it could be either...but it is my intention for the far...making progress...