Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tips towards Energy

So...It is the first of the year and I am thinking about HOW I am going to add energy to my life this year as my ONE WORD for 2015 is ENERGY.  I know this... I need to start with follow through.  Don't get me wrong...I am very responsible and make sure that things get done.  I always try to give over 100% whenever possible.  The thing that I am noticing is that I give 100% to my teaching and preparation for my students as a teacher, but I do not really give 100% to life.  What life?  Time reading, time with my wife, time with family, time working out, time writing, and so on.  I know...Time does not take energy.  That is my issue.  I don't give the time because I don't want to give half-way!  I want to give with energy.  So this means I give less and less time because I am "not in the mood" to give the energy to make things count as they should.

I decided to make a list of Helpful tips for follow.  Sounds stupid?  I am not sure.  Maybe. I am a list this might be what I need to start thinking about it.  Therapy in a list.  That is what I need.  For tonight anyway!

*  Make routines again and make sure that you start with ONE thing at a time.

* DO NOT stop from doing something because you don't feel that the energy is there...the energy might actually be there!

*  Be patient.  Just because 100% is not available, doesn't mean that 70% is a failure!

* Celebrate the small steps!

* Enjoy the journey!

* DO NOT celebrate the failures!

Well, here it goes.  We will see how these small steps help me to focus on my journey towards energy.  I am not planning on failing.  70% sounds like failure, but I need to re-start somewhere.



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