Monday, March 19, 2012

Life Hurts.

I am reminded today that life often hurts. I have several friends that found out today that their jobs are in jeopardy due to budget cuts. So much for the economy getting better in my world. I found out that a friend had to put a long-time family pet dog to sleep today. The list of Life’s pain goes on and on.

I found myself starting to fall with them, into a pool of despair and anxiety. I had no idea why I was falling. Maybe because I can empathize? Maybe because I am just as vulnerable to budget cuts as my friends are? Maybe because I am feeling the weight of the world as many are in today’s society?

Whatever the reason, I was feeling the hurt of life. I sat down to relax with my wife. Had a glass of wine. Enjoyed the winter’s confused summer breeze of 79 degrees. And then went to my happy place. The place where I am a Zen-ful person. The place where I am a writer and can do or be whatever I want to be. It may have taken an hour or two, but I picked myself from the tar-pit of hurt and found a calm. My concern often is that my calm is a place of numb. I hope not. No…can’t be. Okay, I am Zen.

Please, my friends…enjoy life and know that all of the hurt of life is temporary. When you look underneath the pain, you will find love and good things.

Peace. Mark

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  1. Feeling empathy...without falling into the tar pit...tricky...glad you have your writing to pull you out...great post!