Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make time for life

It is so very easy to get wrapped up in life. With work, school, chores, church, cleaning, eating, spending time with family, and maybe fitting in some exercise. There is reading, laundry, (writing for some of us), Facebook time, checking emails, checking the weather, showering, shaving, and answering phone calls. Some of us actually make time to use the bathroom too. When do we get to live life?

The Zen answer to this question is…you are living life. It is the attitude in which you approach all of these tasks that makes the difference. If you are waiting for the free time that might exist in-between all of this “life”, it is not going to happen for most of us. We might as well face it. But if we realize that this is the life and we do NOT have to set aside time to live, something weird happens. We have all of the time in the world. That means that every minute of every day is time to live life!

So how can this be done you ask? I can tell that is what you wanted to ask me. It is done by enjoying these moments. It is done by being in the moment and NOT thinking about what has to be done next. Yes…washing dishes can be enjoyed as part of living if we are in the moment as we wash our dishes. Letting our mind stop and feel the dishes, the water, and of course…the soap bubbles is life. Live those moments.

If we wait for NOTHING to happen to live life…at the end we will be very satisfied. That is all there will be to do. When we are gone. Nothing.

Live each moment. Enjoy the moment. It is life.




  1. This perspective you have when you stop to breathe is reason #51. Just saying.

  2. Lovely post...lesson that I keep having repeated in my life...hopefully...I will soon learn it...now...to enjoy washing those dishes...thanks for the reminder...