Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2...Organize!

Today was the second day of my mission to Curate in 2013.  I had the time to begin to Organize some things around the house, on my tablet, in my email accounts, in my office, and in my garage (tools).  I am a very organized person generally, but with the madness of the school year (about half over at this point), things tend to be set aside for another day.

I love the feeling when things are sorted and organized.  I feel free and light when things go from chaos to organized.  I feel this way when I organize a drawer or shelf, or I spend real time organizing my life. It is a liberating feeling.  I found this feeling when I was 15 years old working at a local drug store.  My boss required that I was organized and "worked smarter, not harder" as he was preach!  I appreciate that about him almost everyday.  I miss that job by the way... maybe because life was a lot more simple when I was 15.

As I continue to Curate (my life) each day this year, I am hoping the value continues.  I can get used to the productive feelings!



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