Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CURATE, my "One Little Word" for 2013

Last year, my wife introduced me to the world of "One Little Word" and from what I have been able to understand over the past 12-months is that the "word" becomes your driving force.  Last year my word was "Cultivate" and I found myself returning to the word and its meaning many times over the course of the year.  It became my mission to Cultivate.  I cultivated in my personal life, in my professional life, with and for my students and colleges, and anywhere else I could use Cultivation to create the birth of thinking and growth.

This year, my word is Curate.  There are several definitions, but the one that speaks to the way the idea fits into my life mission for 2013 is the following:

         To take charge of, to organize, to pull together, to sift through and select.

For January, my plan is to Curate my life.  What I mean by this is that I plan on taking charge of my life through better eating habits and exercise, organize my time to fit in the things that are important and meaningful to me, pull together my ideas while sifting through the many that I have, and selecting what feels right to make my life as fulfilling as possible.

So what parts of my life are included in this venture?

  • My personal life
  • My professional life
  • Relationships
  • My writing
  • My free time and recreational activities
  • My furniture building
  • Any other aspects of life I can Curate for improvement and fulfillment!

As many look upon their New Year's Resolutions...I look forward to my Curating  and the regular revisiting of the mission my word represents for me.

The Best of Luck in the New Year!  May your goals and Resolutions stay true.  For those that are participating in the "One Little Word" this year...enjoy the journey.  There is no such thing as quitting as one might their resolutions.  All you have to do is revisit your goals and let your word be your guide!



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