Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crime in Lies - the start of a crazy ride

This story is telling itself. I am easily writing 10 pages per night. The story flows from the main character's emotions in a manner that I can sit back and read while she writes. She has me angry and in tears at times. I feel sorry for her, but more so, I am worried that I will not like her due to where the story is going. Lynda is 15 and in a bad blended family situation. Her only way to deal with it is to fight fire with fire. This isn't what she wants but her emotions are thinking for her now. Her brain and reasoning has shut down. The more life she takes from her family, the more grief she is going to give back. Can a child be bullied by her family? Lynda sure is being bullied and emotionally abused. I wish I could stop her from going where she wants to go...but then this story would never happen. Until tomorrow Lynda.


  1. As this story unfolds, the main character is more than alive. I am now arguing with her. That is okay, as long as she allows the story to be told and the end result goes where it should. This girl is schooling me on controlling a character. I appreciate it. It is helping me grow as a writer. Wish I had more time to give her. 2100 words a day is still not enough. I want more. Peace.

  2. I was shocked the 1st time I found myself arguing with my characters. I really did not believe that would ever happen to me. I'm getting more used to it. Have gotten some strange looks at the dinner table from guests when I refer to "us" meaning the characters and I.